Sunday, April 22, 2012

what I learn during this semester

During this semester, I learnt many thing about technology.

Particulary, how to use new technology to teach new things to the children. It was very interressanting because we can't imagine all that we can make with one of this simple tools as the stories, the songs, the games but also the various tools that exists on the Internet as  wordle, voicethread or edublog.

I find that these sites are very well because we can use them with the children and it is more interesting than to work on some paper with a pencil.

We always speak in english and even if sometimes it was hard, I think it was good for me because I have to speak english anytime.

I really like this semester because I understand how to teach differently and how to use technology for that.


Also I learn a lot of new vocabulary :

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the summary of "teaching key vocabulary" podcast

  To sea the podcast, on Itunes search 'teaching key vocabulary" it's the first podacat "class act's : Ideas for teaching reading and writig" (7:21)

 The woman says that we do not need to know all the words of a language to understand a text, we only need to know some words to understand the text in its entirety.

It is important that the children learn in good conditions, they learn many things when they are with their family, with their friends or the other persons but the researches showed that writing is more important than oral because in oral we use gestures, facial expressions or mimes to express things. To writing we can't make it, we have to use words to express what we want to talk about. For that children build new understanding.

We can also say that the context helps to understand the words, but the most important in the acquisition of the vocabulary for the child it's to make him to be enthusiastic and share with him the fact that learn new vocabulary is fun, he can see that use new vocabulary or simply words can be a power when he talks.

 Then she speaks about various methods to encourage the pupils to use of the new vocabulary and to show them that it is an importing thing. After to have made this type of exercises, the pupils use the new vocabulary with their consciousness, they do not use them at random and realize that "gold is writing" !!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


To find this podcast : the title is Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education.  Podcast description the 32th about creativity.  (9:38, 27/02/07)
(A podcast> education > Higher Education > Andrew Middelton )

It’s a podcast by Andrew Middelton from learning, teaching and assessment in higher education podcast from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. In this podcast he takes an interest in creativity. The creativity it is the capacity to create, to imagine or to innovate about something. He wants to know what students understood creativity to mean.  So he asking this question to students to demonstrate that we can use unconstrained techniques and constrained techniques to generate ideas.  For that he constitutes three groups: two which use his mapping techniques to explore creativity and the other group have to use to one site to record this podcast.

I choose this podcast because I think that creativity is an important thing when you learn or you have to understand something. Maybe not always but sometimes it’s a benefit to use the creativity. In fact, the creativity is a means to work differently with the pupils. In the case of this podcast the teacher works with higher education students but this system can totally work with pupils of the primary school. I think that to work by creating it’s much more interesting than to work simply with traditional exercises

The teacher says that it’s also a means to involve the students and I agree with him because we can learn a lot of things by different ways. The teacher can create roles and rules about a lesson in class and teach every points of this lesson by the way of a game wherein the pupils can play and learn in the same time. I think they prefer learn in this way than stay sit on a chair during a long time. And when you do this it’s also a means to use things which are not familiar and create challenging. Because with methods like this sometimes there are some problems and trap, so children have to find how to do to find the answer or the solution. And it’s in this time that they use creativity finding other ways to look at something.

In my point of you, the creativity is an important thing when you teach.

And you, What do you think about the creativity ?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Perspective on Teaching, The Past and Present by Lee SCHUMAN

A podcast from Stanford school of education (55:10)
Read the question and try to answer it. Have fun !

1 – What kind of camps she sees when she was on the campus ?
Sports camps, cheerleader camps, technology camps, math camps, sciences camps, every kind of camps for kids you can imagine.
2 -  Invensting in  teachers and in teaching it’s …........... to solve the problem of k-12 education
1 –  the solution

2 – the key

3 – the result
the key
3 – When Lee Schulman talk about the Strap Stanford Teaching Education program? 
4 – When he compares the program on the food Channel and the teaching, how we have to transform the mystery ingredients to teaching and learning around with the normous, exuberance and persistence?      
5 – What is on his desk which is the most important they learn all week?
1-      A computer

2-      A pen

3-      A book
a book
6 – Does the book is a very serious book ?
yes !
7 – Nobody ever really reads a books, anymore then teaching anytime we do it, it is a simple ………… !
linear connection between what the teacher says and what the student hears
8 – Which student  have really understood what the book is about when Lee Schulman tells some remembers that he had when he teaching ? (18:36-20:10) 
the students who haven’t read the book
9 – The most important think we can learn and we can teach to our students is how to make sense of book .    yes or no ?     
10 – Our challenge of helping students learn to do that :
1-      Responsibly, inventively, creatively to prepares to learn more and more staff
       2-      Reliably, imaginatively, resourcefully to prepares to learn more and more staff
       3-  Consciously, inventively, artistically to prepares to learn more and more staff
Responsibly, inventively, creatively to prepares to learn more and more staff
11 – What is a checklist ?
things have to be done or not done in conjunctions
12 – What is a link with a book you haven’t read ?
taking the text seriously steps by steps, developing and practicing quite strict routines to understand the books
13 – Complete the sentence
“just as the text that I never really read, we and our students …………………………….to one an another” are also like texts
14 – In history class, the students don’t have the :
  1. Diary in their heads 
  2. Calendar in their heads
  3. Chronology in their heads
Chronology in their heads
15 – About which movie he speaks?
Days of even
16 – How the presence or absence of one element that the author, the righter or the teacher assumes  is already there is part of Velcro to grub on to ? is there or isn’t there
 isn’t there
17 – Complete this sentence : "The joy to the teacher to teach something to somebody that they don’t know it is the joy of teaching on something that they thought they know and working with us the both realize ............."
they don’t know it but they also get a clever of understanding
18 – Why he makes this connection between the going behind the information given and the combination of the routine and the collective responsibility ?
Because he thinks that they are very important things for teacher
19 – For a colleague of Lee Schuman, teacher
  1.  cheat
  2. take advantages
  3. fraud
20 – Contrary to the stereotype the teacher are live with, they don't investing in the extraordinary resource that we need and the society need to do this job.  True or False

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Technology !

So in class we talk about digital technology but what is really technology ?

In my point of view, there isn't only the digital technologies. A few years ago, people didn't use pens with a ball for example they used feathers and black anchor what wasn't very easy to use. When we speak about new technology, I think that it is necessary to speak about all which is new compared to what we used before.

All the time, there is new invention so new technology and we don't see it. For teenagers, to have a mobile phone or a television  in color or to use Internet; it is normal because they always know this.

Today I think that  there had been many new technologies on numerous objects as electric motor cars, or the less polluting use of new energies. So I wonder which technologies could be the NEW TECHNOLOGY tomorrow.

Which  new technologies would you like to have?  ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Presentation !!

My name is Tiana. I'm in my second year of linguistics to become a primary school teacher.
I want to be a teacher, first because I really like to spend time with children and secondly because I feel so proud when a child understand what I teach to him.
Since a year and half, I work in a supermarket, I'm a cashier. It's a means to win money and to not ask at my parents all the time.
I still live at my parent's home the time to end my studies. I have a younger sister that I help sometimes to do her homework. It's a good means to practise the job of teacher. 
When I have free time, I like do shopping, to be with my friends, to listen to some musics and to read. It's means to be relax.
I participate in this class to learn exactly how to teach, particulary how to teach with new technologies and I find it's very interesting because it is something that I could use later.