Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Perspective on Teaching, The Past and Present by Lee SCHUMAN

A podcast from Stanford school of education (55:10)
Read the question and try to answer it. Have fun !

1 – What kind of camps she sees when she was on the campus ?
Sports camps, cheerleader camps, technology camps, math camps, sciences camps, every kind of camps for kids you can imagine.
2 -  Invensting in  teachers and in teaching it’s …........... to solve the problem of k-12 education
1 –  the solution

2 – the key

3 – the result
the key
3 – When Lee Schulman talk about the Strap Stanford Teaching Education program? 
4 – When he compares the program on the food Channel and the teaching, how we have to transform the mystery ingredients to teaching and learning around with the normous, exuberance and persistence?      
5 – What is on his desk which is the most important they learn all week?
1-      A computer

2-      A pen

3-      A book
a book
6 – Does the book is a very serious book ?
yes !
7 – Nobody ever really reads a books, anymore then teaching anytime we do it, it is a simple ………… !
linear connection between what the teacher says and what the student hears
8 – Which student  have really understood what the book is about when Lee Schulman tells some remembers that he had when he teaching ? (18:36-20:10) 
the students who haven’t read the book
9 – The most important think we can learn and we can teach to our students is how to make sense of book .    yes or no ?     
10 – Our challenge of helping students learn to do that :
1-      Responsibly, inventively, creatively to prepares to learn more and more staff
       2-      Reliably, imaginatively, resourcefully to prepares to learn more and more staff
       3-  Consciously, inventively, artistically to prepares to learn more and more staff
Responsibly, inventively, creatively to prepares to learn more and more staff
11 – What is a checklist ?
things have to be done or not done in conjunctions
12 – What is a link with a book you haven’t read ?
taking the text seriously steps by steps, developing and practicing quite strict routines to understand the books
13 – Complete the sentence
“just as the text that I never really read, we and our students …………………………….to one an another” are also like texts
14 – In history class, the students don’t have the :
  1. Diary in their heads 
  2. Calendar in their heads
  3. Chronology in their heads
Chronology in their heads
15 – About which movie he speaks?
Days of even
16 – How the presence or absence of one element that the author, the righter or the teacher assumes  is already there is part of Velcro to grub on to ? is there or isn’t there
 isn’t there
17 – Complete this sentence : "The joy to the teacher to teach something to somebody that they don’t know it is the joy of teaching on something that they thought they know and working with us the both realize ............."
they don’t know it but they also get a clever of understanding
18 – Why he makes this connection between the going behind the information given and the combination of the routine and the collective responsibility ?
Because he thinks that they are very important things for teacher
19 – For a colleague of Lee Schuman, teacher
  1.  cheat
  2. take advantages
  3. fraud
20 – Contrary to the stereotype the teacher are live with, they don't investing in the extraordinary resource that we need and the society need to do this job.  True or False


  1. I also worked on this video ! It's very interesting :)

  2. yes, I really like this podcast. Lee Schuman is a very good teacher. it could be very interesting to see him and participate in his class =D

  3. I agree with you Tiana, I would like to participate in his class too.