Sunday, April 22, 2012

the summary of "teaching key vocabulary" podcast

  To sea the podcast, on Itunes search 'teaching key vocabulary" it's the first podacat "class act's : Ideas for teaching reading and writig" (7:21)

 The woman says that we do not need to know all the words of a language to understand a text, we only need to know some words to understand the text in its entirety.

It is important that the children learn in good conditions, they learn many things when they are with their family, with their friends or the other persons but the researches showed that writing is more important than oral because in oral we use gestures, facial expressions or mimes to express things. To writing we can't make it, we have to use words to express what we want to talk about. For that children build new understanding.

We can also say that the context helps to understand the words, but the most important in the acquisition of the vocabulary for the child it's to make him to be enthusiastic and share with him the fact that learn new vocabulary is fun, he can see that use new vocabulary or simply words can be a power when he talks.

 Then she speaks about various methods to encourage the pupils to use of the new vocabulary and to show them that it is an importing thing. After to have made this type of exercises, the pupils use the new vocabulary with their consciousness, they do not use them at random and realize that "gold is writing" !!

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