Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Presentation !!

My name is Tiana. I'm in my second year of linguistics to become a primary school teacher.
I want to be a teacher, first because I really like to spend time with children and secondly because I feel so proud when a child understand what I teach to him.
Since a year and half, I work in a supermarket, I'm a cashier. It's a means to win money and to not ask at my parents all the time.
I still live at my parent's home the time to end my studies. I have a younger sister that I help sometimes to do her homework. It's a good means to practise the job of teacher. 
When I have free time, I like do shopping, to be with my friends, to listen to some musics and to read. It's means to be relax.
I participate in this class to learn exactly how to teach, particulary how to teach with new technologies and I find it's very interesting because it is something that I could use later.