Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Technology !

So in class we talk about digital technology but what is really technology ?

In my point of view, there isn't only the digital technologies. A few years ago, people didn't use pens with a ball for example they used feathers and black anchor what wasn't very easy to use. When we speak about new technology, I think that it is necessary to speak about all which is new compared to what we used before.

All the time, there is new invention so new technology and we don't see it. For teenagers, to have a mobile phone or a television  in color or to use Internet; it is normal because they always know this.

Today I think that  there had been many new technologies on numerous objects as electric motor cars, or the less polluting use of new energies. So I wonder which technologies could be the NEW TECHNOLOGY tomorrow.

Which  new technologies would you like to have?  ;)

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