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To find this podcast : the title is Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education.  Podcast description the 32th about creativity.  (9:38, 27/02/07)
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It’s a podcast by Andrew Middelton from learning, teaching and assessment in higher education podcast from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. In this podcast he takes an interest in creativity. The creativity it is the capacity to create, to imagine or to innovate about something. He wants to know what students understood creativity to mean.  So he asking this question to students to demonstrate that we can use unconstrained techniques and constrained techniques to generate ideas.  For that he constitutes three groups: two which use his mapping techniques to explore creativity and the other group have to use to one site to record this podcast.

I choose this podcast because I think that creativity is an important thing when you learn or you have to understand something. Maybe not always but sometimes it’s a benefit to use the creativity. In fact, the creativity is a means to work differently with the pupils. In the case of this podcast the teacher works with higher education students but this system can totally work with pupils of the primary school. I think that to work by creating it’s much more interesting than to work simply with traditional exercises

The teacher says that it’s also a means to involve the students and I agree with him because we can learn a lot of things by different ways. The teacher can create roles and rules about a lesson in class and teach every points of this lesson by the way of a game wherein the pupils can play and learn in the same time. I think they prefer learn in this way than stay sit on a chair during a long time. And when you do this it’s also a means to use things which are not familiar and create challenging. Because with methods like this sometimes there are some problems and trap, so children have to find how to do to find the answer or the solution. And it’s in this time that they use creativity finding other ways to look at something.

In my point of you, the creativity is an important thing when you teach.

And you, What do you think about the creativity ?

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  1. I think creativity absolutely has to be integrated in the lessons, being creative is essential to attract pupils' interest. Using it, it's easier to teach something that could seem difficult for children. I think your post is very interesting and well done !